Non eligible costs

Investments for which assistance is requested shall not be started before the grant application.

Investment must match with chosen or eligible actions under the provisions of Regulation (EC) Nr. 1198/2006 of 27 July 2006 on the European Fisheries Fund and its implementing regulations and development as well as in the Order to develop the regulatory basis for granting aid

It won't be eligible:

  • The recoverable VAT.
  •  Debt interest and othe financial expenses.
  • The acquisition of land for an amount exceeding 10% of total eligible costs.
  • The housing.
  • Vehícles for transporting people.
  • Purchases of material and equipment used.
  • Investments related to fishery products and aquaculture products intended to be used and processed for purposes other than human consumption, except for investments exclusively for the treatment, transformation and marketing of fishery products and aquaculture.
  • The expenses originated by a mere replacement of above, except that the new acquisition corresponds to investments other than the above, either the technology or performance
  • The cost of formation and the first establishment of a society.
  • The works are not related to the investment project homes, canteens or similar.
  • Urbanization that is not related to the activity of the project being finance.
  • Payments in kind.