2nd call 2010

TOUR E-BIKE Productive Juan Manuel Couto Lodeiro The Tour ebike project is the development of maritime routes to bring visitors to the guilds to which they can offer their products and services sailors. The means used to get products and services offered by the confraternities, are guided tours that take place comfortably in rented electric bike, these bikes feature a GPS with multimedia content which are stored the recommended routes and stops. 150.000,00 €
SELF-ENERGY VIABILITY STUDY Not productive Confraría de pescadores Santiago Apostol de Barallobre Make a feasibility study technical and economic self-sufficiency for energy self-sufficiency of the Brotherhood of Fishermen Santiago Apostol of Barallobre. 22.800,00 €
RECOVERY OF THE HOUSE OF THE SEA OF THE CONFRATERNITY OF PONTEDEUME Not productive Confraría de pescadores Virgen del Carmen Pontedeume Make a study in three phases 1º examining opportunities for value to Casa do Mar de Brotherhood of fishermen Virgen del Carmen Pontedeume, 2º an economic feasibility study and 3º the business plan. 22.350,00 €
MAR DE CAION Not productive Concello de Laracha The project's main objective is to value a wide variety of resources related to fisheries and the environment existing in a small fishing village of the Municipality of A Laracha: Caón. 126.802,80 €
ALDEA MARIÑEIRA - RENUNCIATION Productive Cristina Papín Marcote The project involves the creation of a small village in an area of ??his property located at Rua Pontina in the city of Fisterra. The main theme with which we intend to link this village is a whole architectural and activities which they propose it, is the maritime world and its way of life. 131.211,29 €
MUSEO DO MAR E ETNOGRAFICO Not productive Concello de Porto Son The project involves the creation of a Maritime Museum and Ethnography, the creation of this new kit will be a municipal cultural integral action so that the building will be rehabilitated and properly adapted to their new purpose, and its interior will be equipped with material elements, documentary, scientific and technological enabling properly present the maritime heritage and ethnographic fishing town and its people, providing quality and views needed to attract the current demanded by users of such facilities, encouraging conservation and enhancement value of local resources. 328.777,37 €
PROMOCIÓN PRODUCTOS DEL MAR - RENUNCIATION José Fajardo SL The project's goal is to create a new line of Chicolino Restoration, based in Boiro, which is a quality catering service for quality gastronomic festivals, giving special relevance parties seafood. 159.830,36 €
PORTAL DE VENTA ELECTRÓNICO DE MARISCOS ILLAS CIES Productive José Luis Fontán Puga The objectives are: 1º Distinguish between the Galician seafood, reflective traced from the moment of their catch to the consumer. 2º Make a fishery profitable artesenal, dignifying the fishermen. 3º Promote sustainable and responsible fisheries. 4º Assist in the conversation on environment and sustainable development. 11.466,10 €
ESTRELA DE FOZ Not productive Concello de Baiona The project will be developed: 1º phase of rehabilitation and cleaning of the shellfish area located at the western end of Playa de Ladera. 2º Placing interpretive panels and conduct of an access road and renaturation of the dune system. 58.481,82 €